Where To Play Pickleball


As the game of pickleball continues to grow across the United States and the world, the ever present question is Where Can I Play Pickleball? Cities and towns are regularly converting tennis courts to pickleball courts all over the US, yet many times, you can’t find that information online. On this page, we continue to collect information about all the places you can play pickleball, which even includes useful information such as if the court has pickleball racks, rotation and court rules, etc.


This information comes from a combination of online research as well as us personally traveling to these locations to learn more information. We travel Full-Time 6 to 8 months during the year and our current goal is to visit every National Park in the US! We have successfully visited 48 of the 63 National Parks so far. Now, we have made it a habit of finding pickleball anywhere we travel to so we can get you the most up to date information! 


Please note that things do change overtime and all of this information may not be 100% so please do your own due diligence and research before visiting any of the places we mention. 


Do You Know A Pickleball Place Not Mentioned On Our Website? 


We would love for you to add pickleball places to play if you don’t see it on our website! If you want us to add a location to this page to help promote that location, we are happy to do so!  Please fill out the Google Form by clicking on the link below and add the information that is asked so we can add your location to our site to help others find it! Thank you so much for your contribution! We truly appreciate it!


Add Your Place To Play Here: https://forms.gle/neaS8SVEXQEMuZ4X9 


You know What Time It Is, It’s Pickleball Time!