Tucson AZ

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Tucson, Arizona has a thriving pickleball community along with many different places to enjoy the popular sport. Here are the top five pickleball courts in Tucson:

Himmel Park: This park features eight outdoor pickleball courts, making it a very popular spot for players of all skill levels. Along with its many courts, there is also a beautiful community center, which is a great place for pickleball tournaments.


Reid Park: Six outdoor pickleball courts make this park a popular spot for all players whether they are seasoned pros or new to the game. On top of its accessibility and ease of play, there is also plenty of space and fun amenities that the whole family can enjoy together!


Udall Park: With its four outdoor pickleball courts, Udall is known for being a great place where beginner players can have an easy time learning how to get started. Want to bring your family along for the fun? This park has you covered! With its large picnic area and playground, it is an ideal spot for families to spend the day.


Pueblo Park: Home to six outdoor pickleball courts, this park is a popular spot for intermediate players looking to improve their skills and take their pickleball to the next level! It is also a very family-friendly area that features a playground for your children, Pueblo Park has something for everyone.


Rincon Valley Park: Home to four outdoor pickleball courts, Rincon Valley is the perfect park for advanced pickleball players who want to get in a game or two. Its open fields and lush greenery make it a great place to relax and enjoy the views after a long game.