Salt Lake City UT

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Salt Lake City, Utah offers some great options for pickleball players of all levels. Here are the top five places to play pickleball in Salt Lake City:

Salt Lake City Sports Complex: This complex features eight outdoor pickleball courts and is a popular spot for all skill levels ranging from beginners to the most advanced pickleball players. Due to its popularity and massive size, here you can also find many different organized events and tournaments.


Draper Park: This park has six outdoor pickleball courts and is a popular spot for intermediate players looking to improve their skills. It is also home to a large playground, making it a great place for families to spend a day.


Liberty Park: With four outdoor pickleball courts, this park is a great place for beginner players to get started and take in some gourgeous views while they do it! More than just pickleball courts, the park also has plenty of walkways and trails surrounded by the beauty of nature.


West Jordan City Park: Here you can find six beautiful outdoor pickleball courts where advanced players love to get in a game or two. With its open fields and large picnic area, its a great place for individuals and families to relax and enjoy a game.


Sugar House Park: Featuring four outdoor pickleball courts, this park is perfect for players of all skill levels who are looking to have fun and enjoy their time on the court. A big lake and plenty of senery make this park a go-to spot that everyone can enjoy their time at!