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Tough Headwear Wrist Sweatband

Tough Headwear Wristbands are athletes’ best sidekick with its comfortable and durable properties. It is made primarily to wipe sweat off your brows and get sweat off your arms – because we like you to play it cool without losing focus. ✔ Tennis: Arms and wrists play an important role in tennis and other racket sports. We know, you can’t afford to lose focus just because of sweat dripping down your arm. Our stretchy wristband, which is mainly to absorb sweat, is the most practical gear that will provide you the best grip for the game. ✔ Basketball: All basketball players are familiar to the heat the game brings. With intense actions inside the court, sweating is inevitable. Our wrist sweatband gives you a better performance with its excellent sweat absorbing properties – gearing you towards your best shot. ✔ Running: Runners can get to their goals but not without sweat. No more eye-stinging sweat as you fix your eyes on the finish line with our sports wristband! Tough Headwear’s Wristbands also provides optimum moisture absorption to players of other sports like: football, golf, soccer, cycling, volleyball and more. Buy either for yourself or the whole team – for a sweat-free winning streak!

TO WristbandsTO Wristbands

TO WristbandsTO Wristbands

TO WristbandsTO Wristbands

TO WristbandsTO Wristbands

Double layered for more softer and comfortable fit. Made with 78% cotton, 12% elastic & 10% nylon, our athletic wrist sweatband is double-layered for optimal sweat absorption.

Our sweatbands are made from soft double lined Terry Cotton, making them twice as absorbent as many other sweatbands. They’re so soft you won’t want to take them off!

Don’t let nasty sweat on your face steal your focus from the game. Wipe your face dry with our wristbands that absorb sweat, even if you sweat like a hog.

Our sweatbands are stretchy and are one-size-fits-all. After games or workouts, hand wash the sweat away and hang dry. Our sweatbands retain their form, color and elasticity for years.

TO WristbandsTO Wristbands


TO WristbandsTO Wristbands

78% cotton, 12% elastic & 10% nylon 78% cotton, 12% elastic & 10% nylon 78% cotton, 12% elastic & 10% nylon 78% cotton, 12% elastic & 10% nylon

3.2 inches x 3.2 inches 3.2 inches x 3.2 inches 4.5 inches x 4.5 inches Sweatband: 7 in x 2 in Wristband: 8.5cm x 8 cm

Super Soft Terry Cotton, Sweat Absorbing Double Sided, Fully Reversible, Soft Terry Cotton With Handy Pouch w/ Zipper, Double Layered Terry Cotton 1 Sweatband, 1 pair of Wristbands per pack, Super Soft Terry Cotton, Sweat Absorbing

Don’t Sweat It: With a double layer of terry cloth to absorb sweat, this soccer wrist band is exactly what you need to wick sweat away from your body. Pick your color and show off during your game.
Super Comfort All Game Long: Perfect for use as volleyball wristbands, tennis sweat wristbands, and basketball wristbands, no matter the court for your sport, you’ll be comfortable in Tough Headwear’s super soft terry cotton.
One-Size For All: If you need a referee wristband or a wristband running teams for kids can rely on to wick sweat away, this is it! This super stretch fabric ensures one-size-fits-all from kids to adults while keeping shape and elasticity. 78% cotton, 12% elastic, and 10% nylon all work together to retain shape and elasticity for years, even after machine washing.
Ultra Performance: Athletes need gear that helps improve performance. This is the wrist band thin enough to stay out of the game while helping your stay in the game. You can depend on this wristband wash after wash and game after game.
Versatile: Not just for athletes, these wristbands are great for band members, gardeners, cosplay, and more! Use them on the court, pitch, and field during basketball, baseball, football, soccer, gym, dance, and lacrosse, and get a leg up on the competition with sweat-wicking wristbands on your teams.

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