PLAYABOUTS Duo – 2 Pickleball Nets in 1 – Set up 22 ft Regulation Size or 11 ft Half Court – Versatile Portable Pickleball Net System for Indoor/Outdoor Pickle Ball Games on Court, Driveway, Backyard



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The Fastest Growing Sport in America

It’s easy to see why pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America. A cross between badminton, tennis, racquetball and ping-pong, pickleball is easy to learn, fun for all ages, and great exercise.

Make it social, make it competitive, make it friendly, make it strategic. No matter how or where you play it, beginner or expert, indoors or outdoors, you’ll get enjoyable exercise. With a PLAYABOUTS DUO net, you’ll be playing in minutes.

Here are four good reasons to choose the PLAYABOUTS DUO net system:

– 2 Net Options – Set up the 22 foot net for a serious game on an indoor or outdoor court or a wide driveway, or use the same frame to set up the 11 foot net just about anywhere, for practice or a casual singles game. The 11 foot net is a versatile backyard net for young kids, who can have fun while learning the basics of pickleball, tennis, volleyball, racquetball, soccer and badminton. PLEASE NOTE, YOU CAN SET UP EITHER THE 22 FOOT NET OR THE 11 FOOT NET, NOT BOTH AT ONCE.

– Genuine Regulation Dimensions – 22 feet wide, 36 inches high at the posts and 34 inches high in the middle, as usual. But we go a step further. The banding on the top of the net is 2 inches wide and white, so it meets USA Pickleball Association official requirements and is easier to see than the narrow and often dark banding found on most portable nets.

– Easy to Assemble – No tools are needed, the steel frame holds together with pin-lock fasteners and the two nets are clearly identified. Comes with an easy to read assembly diagram for first use – after that you won’t need it.

– Quality and Security – This net system is designed well and built well because, at PLAYABOUTS, we care. We love the game!

PLAYABOUTS DUO is a versatile system

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Play a serious game on a court (22 ft)

Have fun on your driveway (22 ft or 11 ft)

Great for kids games (22 ft or 11 ft)

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PLAYABOUTS DUO is Versatile – Play a serious game using the 22 foot regulation net, or set up the 11 foot half court net almost anywhere for practice, a singles game or a casual family game.
Great for Young Children – The 11 foot net is also great for young children, to play and learn the basics of many ball sports.
One Net at a Time – Please note, you can set up either the 22 foot net or the 11 foot net, not both nets at once.
USA Pickleball Association Compliant – All USAPA regulations are met, including easy-to-see white, 2 inch wide net top banding, which is very rare amongst portable pickle ball nets.
Superior Design – Thoughtfully improved with wide and white top banding, a superior net tensioning system, a more durable center height setting mechanism, and pin-lock frame assembly.
Easy Assembly – Assemble either net in minutes without tools. Comes with a simple visual assembly guide that you’ll need for the first time only.
Quality Manufacture – Including a powder coated steel frame that’s thicker and stronger than usual, a knotless PE Tedoron net and a sturdy carry bag.


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