PickleUpper The Original Pickleball Ball Retriever – Attaches to Pickleball Paddles – The Easy Way to Pick Up Pickleball Balls Without Bending Over – Fits Standard Paddles



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Here at PickleUpper, we recognized a great need for a better way to retrieve pickleballs. Unlike tennis, pickleball paddles are short and the balls have less bounce. What this means is picking up a ball requires bending over to the ground every time. We now have the solution! With the assistance of our pickleball community, we designed, prototyped, and tested multiple versions of the PickleUpper. Introducing the PickleUpper! The world’s first patent-pending Pickleball retriever that conveniently attaches to the handle of your paddle. The PickleUpper features 100% high quality and durable rubber construction. PickleUppers easily fit into a pickleball bag or backpack. Our vision is simple – Why not get to enjoy Pickleball for as long as possible? Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, young or old, suffering from existing injuries or just looking to prevent injuries and increase your playing time, the PickleUpper will greatly increase your enjoyment of the game. Thank you for your support, and please help spread the fun
PICK UP BALLS THE EASY WAY – The patent-pending PickleUpper. This makes it easy to pick up a pickleball without fully bending over. No more kicking pickleballs to your partner and no more bending all the way over to pick up pickle balls.
SAVE YOUR BACK, HIPS, AND KNEES – Bending over to pick up a pickleball puts stress on your back, hips, and knees. With PickleUpper, you can use the length of your pickleball paddle to dramatically reduce the bending required to pick up a pickle ball. This reduces your risk of injuries and saves your energy for scoring points and Not the unnecessary movements between points!
ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED NOT TO INTERFERE WITH PLAY- The PickleUpper is designed to work seamlessly with your pickleball racket. The neck of the PickleUpper is designed for minimal paddle grip interference. The suction cup will not get in the way of your play.
LIGHTWEIGHT AND SIMPLE TO USE- PickleUpper’s precision-engineered suction cup works with indoor pickleball balls and outdoor pickleball balls. It is lightweight in order to maximize comfort, performance and functionality. Simply push the suction cup on top of the ball, then lift.
FITS STANDARD PICKLEBALL PADDLE HANDLES – The PickleUpper is designed to fit standard pickleball paddle handles. It simply slips over the end of your handle and stretches as needed to install in seconds. Make it part of your pickleball set and keep extra PickleUppers in your pickleball bags so you are always ready to play- the easy way.

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