Pickleball In Ventura CA

Pickleball In Ventura & Southern California

It’s no wonder California is one of the top places to play pickleball in the United States with its beautiful weather, rolling green hills, and a great view of the coast! Isaac and I took a trip to knock out our 48th National Park at Channel Islands National Park! We stayed in Ventura, California and of course we made time to explore some new pickleball areas and meet other pickleball lovers! 


Where To Play Pickleball In Ventura & Port Hueneme, California:

Southern California has many places to play pickleball with beautiful scenery and in great locations near the ocean! During our trip we visited pickleball courts in Ventura and Port Hueneme, near Oxnard, California.


Moranda Park

Address: 200 Moranda Pkwy, Port Hueneme, CA 93041

Cost: Free

Moranda Park Port Hueneme CA Pickleball Courts

Moranda Park is a great place to play pickleball near Oxnard, California. This park is located in Port Hueneme, California and the courts are in great condition! Open play is available daily from 8:00am-12:00pm, but organized drop in play times are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8:00am-11:00am. They have 10 outdoor pickleball courts that are all fenced in and in great condition! As soon as Isaac and I arrived, the pickleballers were so welcoming and excited to play with us! They have a paddle rack, making it easy for anyone (alone or not) to hop in and start playing some pickleball! The courts are not separated by skill level but we found that you mostly have a good mix of 3.0-3.5 pickleball players. 

*BONUS* You’re only a 2 minute drive to the beach!! 


Harry A. Lyon Park

Address: 2060 Cameron Street, Ventura, CA 93001

Cost: Free

Harry A Lyon Park Pickleball In Ventura CA

Harry A. Lyon Park is located directly next to De Anza DATA Middle School in West Ventura. Open play takes place Tuesdays & Thursdays from 2:00pm to Dusk and Saturday all year about 8:30am to 11:30am, as well as Sundays from 2:00pm-5:00pm. We loved the setup of these pickleball courts because, not only are they fenced in, but there are 6 outdoor courts where the 6 courts are divided by a wide net (3 on one side of the net and 3 on the other). The separator net has a bag of balls in between every 2 courts which is so helpful so you don’t have to chase a ball if one goes flying off! 

I will be honest and admit that these courts have probably seen better days, but with that being said, we didn’t hit a crack in the ground once! The locals let you redo a play if someone hits one of the few cracks in the pickleball courts. They have blue tape on the ground to show you where the pickleball court boundary lines are. Also, the beautiful scenery and the wonderfully welcoming pickleball group here makes playing here entirely worth it! You’re surrounded by beautiful green-covered mountains! They also have a paddle rack making rotation easy to get in a pickleball game!

*BONUS* You’re only a 7 minute drive to the beach!! 


Pickleball Organizations In Ventura, California

The main pickleball organization in Ventura is the Ventura County Pickleball Club. VCPC, Ventura County Pickleball Club, is a nonprofit organization registered as a 501(c)(3) California Public Benefit Corporation. Their main goal is to promote the enjoyable, healthy, and competitive sport of pickleball and encourage more people to take an interest in it! The club also aims to foster a sense of community among its members, particularly those who are new to the sport, by providing guidance and organizing play options. Additionally, VCPC advocates for the creation of more places to play pickleball and promotes good sportsmanship and fellowship among its members, ensuring that everyone has a fun and enjoyable experience playing the game!


Pickleball Tournaments In Ventura, California

The Ventura County Pickleball Club hosts quite a few tournament opportunities for members of the pickleball association and for non-members as well! Visit the VCPC website (as mentioned above) and click on their tournaments tab to check out the upcoming tournaments available! When I checked out the association’s website, I could see that they regularly host round robins by skill level, as well as ladder competitions. A ladder competition simply means if you win a game, you move ‘up’ the ladder and play with a different partner. If you lose a game, you move ‘down’ the ladder and play with a different partner. They even have some events available that are only 50 and older and other events that are meant to be a mix & mingle social that involves bringing your own dish to share and pickleball games of course! Sounds like a great association to us!


We’re excited for you to check out all the places to play pickleball in Southern California like Ventura, Oxnard, and Port Hueneme! If you need gear before you arrive, or while you’re in town, don’t forget to check out our Shop to stock up on the best pickleball paddles, shoes, clothing, and equipment!