Pickleball In Lake Havasu City, Arizona

During the last 10 years, Lake Havasu has become a mecca for Pickleball Players, and for good reason. Lake Havasu City has one of the best Pickleball Parks in all of Arizona, it has a great Pickleball Association and even hosts tournaments throughout the year. Let’s look at what makes Lake Havasu City one of the best places to play Pickleball in Arizona!


Where To Play Pickleball In Lake Havasu City:

Lake Havasu has several areas to play Pickleball including both indoor and outdoor play and even hosts one of the nicest parks/courts we have come across anywhere in the US!


Dick Samp Memorial Park

Address: 1628 Avalon Ave, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86404

Cost: Free

Dick Samp Pickleball Courts Lake Havasu

Dick Samp is one of the nicest Pickleball areas we’ve come across. They now have 16 outdoor courts which are all very well taken care of. The Lake Havasu Pickleball Association has a crew that cleans the courts every Wednesday morning, keeping the courts in great condition! It is almost always available for open play because, even if there are round robins and other mini tournaments, there are plenty of courts to use. The courts are free to play as well! Open play is available everyday.

One thing we love about the set up at Dick Samp is that all of the pickleball courts have clearly defined skill levels so you can easily play against the level of competition that fits your level. There are signs on the fence in front of the courts indicating the skill levels for those courts. The skill levels range from 2.0 all the way to 4.0+. They also have paddle racks for each set of courts at that skill level, which makes finding recreational pickup games a breeze. Because of the paddle racks dictating rotation on the courts you can come and play as a single, double, triple or set of four. It’s not uncommon for hundreds of people to be playing at a time, but because of the amount of courts and the well organized rotation system, it is rare to have to wait more than 5-10 minutes for a game. 

With the installation of the 4 most recent pickleball courts, these courts are specifically designed as ‘Challenger’ courts, meaning if you win on the challenger court, the winners get to stay on the same court and play the next competitors. After you win twice in a row, then you need to exit the court. This has been a fun addition to the parks! Dick Samp also hosts weekly tournaments for members, if you are part of the Lake Havasu Pickleball Association. They also host larger tournaments, (that are sometimes available to the public like the Picklefest tournament), several times throughout the year. You also have great views of the surrounding mountains, and can even see the lake on several of the courts. Overall this is one of the best places we’ve found to play pickleball anywhere in the USA!


The Aquatic Center

Address: 100 Park Ave, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403

Cost: $3.00 per person

The Aquatic Center Pickleball Courts Lake Havasu

The Aquatic Center has 4 indoor courts and is a good place for indoor pickleball in Lake Havasu. They have a drop-in fee of $3 per person and they do have pretty limited hours with open play only available for several hours once or twice a week. Since their recreational open play hours typically change each month for Pickleball, it is highly recommended to check their schedule online (https://www.lakehavasupickleball.com/calendar)  to make sure the pickleball courts and open play are available before you go.


The Ark Center

Address: 2700 Jamaica Blvd. South, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406

Cost: $3.00 per person

The Ark Center Pickleball Courts Lake Havasu

The Ark is a gymnasium located behind the Stonebridge Christian Fellowship Church (AKA the Dome Church) in Lake Havasu that hosts indoor open play pickleball 4 times a week! They have 3 indoor pickleball courts and host open play Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:00am to 11:00am. All days are mixed play, (meaning men and women are welcome), while Tuesdays are specifically for women only. There is a $3.00 suggested donation per person to play and the Pickleball Association is raising money to renovate the space to make it even better for pickleball lovers! 

Many of the players that play at The Ark are at a skill level of 2.5-3.5 but people are very welcoming of new players here and we think it is one of the best places to learn Pickleball in Lake Havasu. If you are looking for high level competition, we would suggest heading to Dick Samp Park (as mentioned above), but if you are looking for fun, casual play or learning pickleball, then The Ark is the place to be!


Pickleball Organizations In Lake Havasu

The number one pickleball organization in Lake Havasu is the Lake Havasu Pickleball Association. They are a great association that has been the key driving force in making Lake Havasu one of the best places to play Pickleball in Arizona. The association has been key in expanding Dick Samp pickleball courts from 4 to 16 courts, and are the ones who have set up the organized play at Dick Samp Pickleball Courts, which is honestly top-notch! They’re very receptive to feedback from the community as well. The association throws several tournaments each week for members of the association and uses the donations to keep improving our Pickleball infrastructure here in Lake Havasu. They also offer first-time pickleball lessons and novice lessons which is a great way to get started in Pickleball. In fact, our first time playing pickleball was because we joined one of their free ‘introduction to pickleball’ lessons. We are proud members of the Lake Havasu Pickleball Association and honestly believe they are doing a great job making Lake Havasu one of the best places to play pickleball!  


Pickleball Retailers In Lake Havasu

Unfortunately, there are not currently any dedicated pickleball retailers in Lake Havasu. Big 5 Sporting Goods store does have some pickleball equipment, but it is limited. Walmart also sells some pickleball equipment. There are not currently any stores offering demos or rentals of pickleball paddles so we actually drove to Phoenix for a week to be able to take advantage of a really cool pickleball rental program we found out about from a local store called All About Tennis. Check out our Pickleball In Phoenix page to learn more about this great pickleball paddle rental program.  For now, however, the best place to order Pickleball Equipment in Lake Havasu is going to be from Amazon, Pickleball Central, and conveniently enough, our shop on our website!  


Pickleball Tournaments In Lake Havasu

The Lake Havasu Pickleball Association offers great opportunities for pickleball lovers to get more tournament experience! As a member of their association, there are regular competitions and tournaments available every month. Because there are a limited number of spots available, members need to sign up and ‘register’ for each competition prior to the event. The association makes it very easy to sign up for these competitions by using SignUpGenius software which also shows a calendar of their upcoming events. Check out a brief description of the different types of competitions and events the pickleball association offers below.


Champs Of The Court

Champs Of The Court Pickleball Tournament In Lake Havasu

This competition is very fun and interesting because it is set up in a ladder game format, where players are randomly assigned to a pickleball court at the start of play and move up or down a court based on whether they win or lose. You play 6 games total, to 11 points, win by 2. Whoever is on the top court, (Champ Court), when you win the last game, you become the Champ of the Court! You start the game by choosing a playing card. The number on your card will dictate who your starting partner is and the color of your card will dictate whether you will be on the serving or receiving side to start the game. When signing up for this type of competition, you can choose to participate in Champs Of The Court 3.0-3.5 skill level or you can choose the group of 3.5+ skill level. To participate in this competition, the association does kindly ask for a $5.00 donation per person, per event, and the money goes towards making our 16 pickleball courts, (at Dick Samp Memorial Park), even better by adding enhancements such as lights to play at night, shade coverings for the daytime, water refill stations, etc. You don’t actually win a medal or anything, but you do get bragging rights and your photo taken if you win! 


Skills Rodeo

The skills rodeo competition is a great opportunity for new pickleball players to test their skills and identify areas they may need to work on in order to improve their current skill level. The local pickleball association kindly asks for a $5.00 donation per person for this event located at Dick Samp Park. 


Dinking Round Robin

This exciting competition takes place at Dick Samp Park on multiple pickleball courts and can accommodate up to 24 players! You can choose to participate in a 3.0-3.5 competition or a 3.5+ group. The rules are a bit different than your typical game of pickleball but it is the ultimate test of your dinking skills to determine who is the Dinking Queen or King! The pickleball association kindly asks for a $5.00 donation per person for this event.


Mini Singles

Mini Singles is a great opportunity to compete 1v1. The LHC pickleball association kindly asks for a $5.00 donation per person for this event located at Dick Samp Park. This event is similar to skinny singles but follows a ‘ladder format,’ meaning if you win, you move up a court, and if you lose, you move down a court. 


Other Tournaments

Other competitions put on by the Lake Havasu Pickleball Association include their round robin tournaments and the annual Picklefest Tournament which is open to the public! In the Picklefest tournament, you sign up according to your skill level, and pay a fee, and then the goal is to win enough games so that you continue onto the finals to play for a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal! 


We’re excited for you to check out all the places to play pickleball in Lake Havasu City, Arizona! If you need gear before you arrive, or while you’re in town, don’t forget to check out our Shop to stock up on the best pickleball paddles, shoes, clothing, and equipment!