The Ark Center Pickleball Courts Lake Havasu
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California has a wide range of pickleball venues to suit players of all skill levels. Here are five of the best places to play pickleball in California:

Lake Merritt Park, Oakland: This park features three outdoor pickleball courts and is a popular spot for players of all levels. It is also home to large fields, picnic & grilling areas, a boating center, and a natural science center. There are plenty of things to enjoy about this beautiful park!


Balboa Sports Center, Encino: This sports center features four indoor pickleball courts and is a popular spot for players of all skill levels to get a few games in. The open fields, playground, and beautiful lake views make it a perfect place for families to spend time together.


Mission Bay Park, San Diego: This park has six outdoor pickleball courts and is a great place for beginner players to get started. The views of this park speak for themselves and with the city recently having invested a lot of money into the park, you can be assured that your time here will be well spent!


Dana Point Community Center, Dana Point: This center has three indoor pickleball courts and is a popular spot for casual players who are looking to improve their skills. This center also hosts many different community events and has a large number of activities for you and your whole family to enjoy. 


The Pickleball Academy, Rancho Mirage: This facility is specifically designed for pickleball and features 16 indoor courts. It offers lessons, clinics, and camps for players of all skill levels, making it a great place for players to get started, improve their skills, or meet other like-minded pickleball enthusiasts!