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Co-Founder Of It’s Pickleball Time & Pickleball Fanatic!

Pickleball Co-Founder Kim

I first discovered pickleball with my boyfriend, Isaac, in early 2022. We regularly travel 6 months out of the year and don’t really have many friends where we live, but we saw pickleball lessons were available so we were curious to learn why Lake Havasu City, Arizona has so many pickleball courts! From there, I absolutely fell in love! By the end of 2022, we were easily playing 2-4 times per week and it became a very healthy obsession! I dream about pickleball. When I wake up, my first thought is pickleball. When I shower, I’m thinking of pickleball! 

In a place where I’ve honestly struggled to make friends, I’ve been able to bond with others who have also fallen in love with the game, regardless of age differences or skill levels. It’s been an incredible pickleball journey so far but I realized I didn’t want it to stop there. Isaac and I want to extend all that we’ve learned to pickleball players of all ages who are just discovering this awesome game or who want to improve their game! 

We’ve spent time researching the best pickleball products out there to really help take your game to the next level! We’ve also taken multiple lessons where we’ve really seen our own personal skill level improve so we regularly share that type of information through our blogs. We’re excited to see where you go on your pickleball journey. It’s Pickleball Time!! 

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Kim & Isaac, Co-Founders of It's Pickleball Time

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Once again we are thrilled you found our site and, hopefully, you have found some valuable information here! We’ve really found that pickleball has been a huge help in connecting us to others in the community who have a love for this wonderful sport. We’ve seen pickleball strengthening communities all over the United States and even the world now. We’re excited for you to explore It’s Pickleball Time!